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Photography Courses

I’m a fashion photographer from Amsterdam. I love to travel and work with a team on beautiful locations. I’m organising fashion photography courses and teach you how to work with models, make up artists, how to work technically with the sunlight and making interesting fashion photo’s.

About my photography courses

The photography courses are designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to enhance your photography skills and take them to the next level. My courses offer a small group setting with a maximum of 7 to 12 people, ensuring that you receive personalised attention and have ample opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback. Our courses are available both abroad and in Amsterdam, and we require that you have basic knowledge of photography and your own camera to participate.

By joining us, you'll have opportunity to unlock your full potential as a photographer and take your passion to new heights!

What you can expect from the courses

The photography courses I give offers a unique opportunity to improve your photography skills as a fashion photographer. The international courses focus on working with models and other essential skills, while my courses in Amsterdam are centred around studio photography. You'll learn how to work with studio lights and models, and gain valuable experience in a professional setting. Join one courses to take your photography skills to the next level.

For who are my courses?

My courses are perfect for those who have a passion for photography and are eager to take their skills to the next level by specialising in fashion photography. Whether you're a seasoned photographer or someone who hasn't picked up a camera in a while, my courses will provide you the necessary tools and techniques to improve your craft. I am thrilled to help you enhance your photography skills and achieve your goals in the field fashion photography!

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