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24th to 27th October 2024

Are you interested in modeling and do you want learn more about standing in front of a camera or work  on your portfolio? and gain more experience? Then join this course given by a International model coach. 


The Course

This 4-day model course contains: a 1 day workshop by an international model coach and 2 shoot days on great different locations (Landscape, Pool, Tennis court and beach), There are a lot of different photographers that will photograph you and we also work with amazing make- up artists.

This is a great opportunity to gain more experience as a model and to add more beautiful work to your portfolio

Everyone from 18+ is welcome, no experience needed.

You will get a three night stay, including breakfast.

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October 24th to October 27th 2024

October 24th

On the first day we meet up at 13:00 in the hotel, and the model workshop will start at 14:00. This workshop is giving by an international model coach. She will teach you how to work in a team, and how to work with the photographer for the best results. You will be prepared for the upcoming shoot days. 

October 25th

The day starts early with the makeup artists preparing you for the first shoot. We'll be shooting at two stunning locations today: a landscape and two options you can choose from: a pool shoot or a tennis court shoot.

October 26th 

Also a early morning for the second shoot day, again the makeup artists will get you ready for the day. This day is going to be a shoot day on the beach with different gorgeous places. We will end the night a dinner all together on the beach.

October 27th

Unfortunately, it's time to check out at 12 p.m. But after these days, you have made a fantastic photo series and gained knowledge and an experience that you will never forget! Of course you can exchange contacts with all the others and keep in touch. You will also go home with a certificate of participation!

Prices and stay

The 4-Day Modeling Course

Shared Room, 2 Single Beds (Same Gender)


Option: Private Room


Including 2 nights stay at Gale:

Incl breakfast

Excluding travel costs

The Accommodation:

You will stay in wonderful Regency Salgados hotel

located in Gale, Portugal!  

Breakfast is included.

Sign up!

Let me know if you are interested in this course! I'm curious to meet you! Send me your motivation, experiences and tell me something about yourself!


You can sign up by mailing:

hope to see you soon! 


Nancy Schoenmakers

20240505-1K2A2664 copy.jpeg

Usher, Spain

Whether you're a beginner or have some experience already, you will definitely benefit from the knowledge and expertise of model coach.
Everyone was so delightful to work with and the location was gorgeous. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have taken this course and I can't wait to continue honing my skills as a model.
Thank you to Nancy for creating this program!

Ana Sofia, Netherlands

I am truly happy and thankful with these amazing few days I could spend for the modeling course for everything I have learned, the beautiful experience, memories and all the fun.


I’m specially thankful for all the beautiful people and contacts I met and everything I’m taking with me back home of knowledge and new friends.

I am really forever thankful with Nancy for this opportunity and precious memories.

I will definitely would love to go back soon to a new course/event.

Isabel, Netherlands

This has been a completely wonderful experience. I have met a lot of new people, gained modeling experience. Experimented with different kind of photoshoots as well as makeup looks.
I would love to go here again and I also got to explore the beautiful nature
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