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25th to 27th October 2024

Do you also want to photograph fashion models on

the beautiful beach of Gale in Portugal! Sign up now!


The Course

In this 3-day course you will be guided by fashion-photographer Nancy Schoenmakers in creating a fashion serie of models on different locations in Gale. You will work with models and make-up artists. Afterwards, you will receive a certificate of participation!

Basic knowledge of photography, having your own camera and  laptop is a must!

The lessons are given in English language.

Everyone between the age of 18-60 can join!

A small group of creatives!

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October 25th to October 27th 2024

October 25th

We all meet up at the hotel at 10.00 am and get to know eachother! We discuss the moodboards, concepts and there will be given tips & tricks about model photography. After lunch we start photographing the models in a gorgeous landscape. In the evening we will have dinner at the hotel. 

October 26th 

Second shootday! Today we start early and after breakfast will go to the beach. Nancy has made a tour schedule so we can photograph the models along the beach. We eat dinner at a restaurant on the beach. At the end we have SUNSET shoot. The light will be amazing! 

October 27th

Unfortunately, it's time to check out at 12 p.m. But after these days, you have made a fantastic photo series and gained knowledge and an experience that you will never forget! Of course you can exchange contacts and give feedback to each others work with a coffee on the beach. You will also go home with a certificate of participation!

Prices and stay

The 3-Day Fashion Photography Course

Shared Room, 2 Single Beds (Same Gender)


Option: Private Room


Including 2 nights stay at Gale:

Incl breakfast

Excluding travel costs

The Accommodation:

You will stay in wonderful Regency Salgados hotel

located in Gale, Portugal!  

Breakfast is included.

Subsidy for this course:

Via (Dutch) entrepreneurs in the creative sector could apply for a subsidy to invest in their development. They reimburse 1/3 of the costs per course! Be sure to check this out! If you're not based in the Netherlands, be sure to check out subsidy's for courses in your own country! 

Check for more info: 

Sign up!

Let me know if you are interested in this course! I'm Curious to meet you! Send me your motivation, experiences and tell me something about yourself!


You can sign up by mailing:

hope to see you soon! 


Nancy Schoenmakers


Matthias, Netherlands

"It was a lot of fun to participate in Nancy's course. It's a nice group of stylists, assistants, models and photographers, so there's a very creative atmosphere. I can really recommend this course"

Romina, Netherlands

"I am so happy that I joined. It is an experience of a lifetime.

My goal during this trip was to go out of my comfort zone and think out of the box.


My favourite part was the sunset shoot playing with the last rays of sunlight and shadows on the beach.


I am quite happy with my results. It was nice to work with and get to know all the photographers, models, and makeup artists.

The last evening Nancy told me don’t let people put you in a box, and that was a good end of my trip."

Jan Willem, Netherlands

I thought it was great fun, it was a very nice group, the models looked great and the photo locations were very challenging, great weather there too, worth the trip together!
It was quite a group together, Nancy organized it well with the help of others. Nice with the differences between the models, on the second day everyone was very relaxed. It was inspiring!”
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